Compliance Synergy – DevOps Unbound EP 25

March 8, 2022


“DevOps and Compliance Synergy: Reality or Fiction?”Achieving compliance might be challenging when embracing DevOps due to the rapid pace of development. However, the agility and automation associated with DevOps might actually simplify compliance. When integrating compliance into the SDLC, DevOps teams may have to use different tools or slightly modify part of their processes to adapt to specific requirements. In this episode, Sonya Lowrance (Tricentis), Anna Murray (Rocket Software), Dan Kirsch (Techstrong Research), and Tim Johnson (Cloudbees) join hosts Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley to discuss how to effectively integrate compliance as part of your DevOps process and the challenges that come with it. Is it possible to deliver high-quality software at the speed of DevOps whilst ensuring security compliance?

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Categories: DevOps Unbound
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