Responsible AI and DevOps – Regulators On The Horizon

June 11, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of AI and DevOps, the addition of generative AI presents exciting possibilities, new safety and ethical questions and emerging efforts to impose guardrails and regulation. Responsible AI is now part of the software development lexicon, but what is responsible AI and what actions are needed by DevOps, software and AI teams? Meanwhile, government and regulatory leaders are calling for greater transparency in AI safety testing, the development of standards, tools and tests to ensure AI systems are secure, safe and trustworthy, using AI for better cybersecurity, and protections from AI’s use in fraud and deception (to name just a few class for action.)

Our panel of AI, software, and security experts will offer guidance on implementing AI responsibly and safely within DevOps and security frameworks. We will explore how to keep up with the pace of AI innovation and maintain awareness of the evolving legal and regulatory landscape surrounding AI.


  • The principles of responsible AI in a DevOps context
  • Strategies for embedding ethics and safety into AI
  • The emerging legal and regulatory landscape of AI
  • Practical steps you can take now to maintain ethical and safe AI
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