Can Automation and AI/ML Solve Our DevOps Hiring Problems? – DevOps Unbound Roundtable

June 10, 2024

We have a talent shortage. We can never seem to find enough talented software developers, QA and DevOps engineers. At the same time, automating the software workflow pipeline is a necessity to deliver software at the pace demanded by businesses. DevOps leads us to automate many software processes including continuous integration, continuous delivery, testing and more. AI\ML is increasingly playing a role in the DevOps toolchain we use to create and deliver software. Is automation and AI/ML our way out of the software talent shortage or is this another management pipe dream? Join our panel of software and DevOps experts as we explore if the need for software developers is out pacing the supply of talent, growing role of automation in the software creation process, and how much automation, AI/ML can play a role in meeting the needs to create more software, faster.

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