Building High-Performing DevOps Teams – DevOps Unbound Roundtable

June 10, 2024

To improve software delivery performance, the first thing organizations need to do is improve their DevOps teams’ expertise. DevOps doesn’t deliver code by itself; it takes a great team to do it. So, how can we help our DevOps team become high performers and foster innovation? What makes an effective DevOps team? What does the future hold for DevOps engineers? Join us for this informative webinar as our panel of experts discusses the role of DevOps, the demand for DevOps engineers and the main principles and practices that DevOps teams should apply to achieve high performance. Don’t miss these DevOps luminaries as they share their journeys, lessons learned and success stories on the road to becoming elite performers and offer valuable insights into the fast-developing field of DevOps.

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