AI, DevOps and The Future of Testing Centers of Excellence

June 11, 2024

Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE) stand at the forefront of fostering innovation, ensuring quality, and driving efficiency in software testing and quality assurance practices. As DevOps practices are increasingly mainstream, integrating continuous testing, deployment, and delivery into the software lifecycle, the role and relevance of TCoEs are more pivotal than ever. Yet, the pressing question remains: How do TCoEs fit into this new paradigm, especially with the advent of cutting-edge technologies like AI? This live roundtable delves into the future of TCoEs, exploring their potential evolution and enduring effectiveness in the age of AI and extensive DevOps pipeline and workflow automation.

Join Us for an Insightful Roundtable Discussion

We invite you to be part of this engaging roundtable discussion, where industry experts will unravel the complexities and provide forward-thinking perspectives on the future of Testing Centers of Excellence. This session is an invaluable opportunity for professionals seeking to navigate the changing landscape of software testing and quality assurance with the rise of DevOps and AI technologies.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Evolution of TCoEs with DevOps
  • Impact of Emerging Technologies on TCoEs
  • Strategies for Future-Proofing TCoEs
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