‘Doing Digital’ with DevOps | DevOps Onramp 2023

June 20, 2023

Digital transformation is becoming all things to all people – a floor polish and a dessert topping! But what does research data say about it – and how exactly does DevOps fit into all the ‘DX’ hype?
This session explores new and exclusive primary research conducted by Sageable to help you understand the intersection of DevOps with multiple other contributors to digital transformations.
You will leave this session with new data-driven insight at all levels, from individual contributor to senior executive, from technologist to LOB staff, on how DevOps relates to digital transformation. With metrics on DX program progress and success, as well as technology adoption and use, we will explore how DevOps works with other DX approaches like cloud, analytics, ML/AI, containerization, cybersecurity/crypto, microservices, observability, platform engineering, process automation, AIOps, low-code/no-code, AR/VR/metaverse and more, to deliver key digital transformation outcomes.

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Host: Andi Mann
Categories: DevOps Onramp 2023
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