Build a Work From Wherever, Whenever Culture for DevOps Teams | DevOps Onramp 2023

June 20, 2023

Since COVID-19 sent us home, technology professionals are increasingly opting for fully remote, hybrid or ‘work from wherever, whenever’ roles – and rejecting those with restrictive in-office policies.
The canonical tenets of DevOps – collaboration, communication and integration between teams like Dev and Ops – are also critical to enabling a remote or hybrid workforce; however, many key DevOps principles are also confounded by the lack of personal presence or in-office teams.
This session will explore the mechanics of a successful ‘work from wherever, whenever’ (WfWW) program for DevOps teams, aimed at driving productivity, attracting and retaining top talent while providing a safe and satisfying work environment. Key topics will include policy definition, teaming models, data-driven decisions, metrics that matter, performance management, communication standards, technology assistance, innovation programs, not being creepy and especially the cultural leadership required to lead a successful, productive, and happy WfWW technology team.

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Host: Andi Mann
Categories: DevOps Onramp 2023
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