7 Things I Wish I Did Earlier in my Software Engineering Career | DevOps Onramp 2023

June 20, 2023

This is a special session targeted at tech beginners/newbies. Whether as DevOps engineers, frontend engineers, backend engineers or techies from any other department, tech newbies tend to get it wrong at first. That can lead to frustrating outcomes in their career journeys.

This session draws inspiration from some very strategic mistakes I have made so far as a growing techie. It will help growing techies get it right and be prepared to achieve the career progress they desire and deserve.

Based on an article of the same title, this session will reveal seven things new developers can do to make their tech pursuits fulfilling.

If you’re already a tech veteran, use this session to inform (or help develop) a mentorship practice.

The session will touch on issues such as:
1. How to find and maximize mentorship
2. How to gain visibility and opportunities
3. How to create job security and gain self-reliance

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