5 Lessons From a Three-Time DevOps Leader | DevOps Onramp 2023

June 20, 2023

In late 2014, Mitch Ashley got a phone call that would change his life. His friend and business partner Alan Shimel called to say, “Have you heard of DevOps? I just acquired the domain DevOps.com. I think this is going to be big!”
Ashley did his first DevOps implementation that same year and he repeated DevOps implementations for two other organizations. In this talk, Mitch, who is now Techstrong Group’s CTO, shares what he learned from implementing DevOps in three organizations; the leadership decisions, struggles, successes and failures of implementing DevOps across IT, SaaS and product development organizations.
Attendees will come away from this talk with lessons they can apply to their own implementations immediately, including the importance of focusing on the “how” of DevOps, the vital importance of understanding the DNA of technical organizations, decisions most likely to succeed and fail and how to gauge success over vanity metrics.

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