DevOps Past, Present, Future and Cloud Development Environments – DevOps Chats Podcast EP4

February 24, 2024

In this episode of DevOps Chats, Alan and Mitch dive deep into the heart of DevOps. After 12 years of DevOps evolution, we’re asking the big question: How has our investment in DevOps paved the way for organizational success in the years to come? This segment promises a thought-provoking look at the achievements, challenges, and road ahead for DevOps enthusiasts. They discuss DevOps insights expected to be part of the upcoming Techstrong Research “DevOps Next” report.

They also share Mitch’s interview with Ben Potter, Head of Product at Coder, where he sheds light on the game-changing world of cloud development environments. Whether you’re a DevOps veteran or new to the scene, this episode has insights and stories that will enrich your understanding and spark your imagination. Join us as we explore the cutting edge of DevOps and cloud development only on DevOps Chats.

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