Securing Data in Your OLTP Database Scenario | DataOps Day

August 30, 2023

Ensuring data security is critical for modern applications and services. To safeguard data, it is important to protect it in three different states: At rest, in transit and in use. However, achieving data security in big data environments requires different solutions for each scenario. By implementing ShardingSphere, you can achieve better data security in your OLTP database.
In this talk, Trista will cover how to protect data in an OLTP scenario. She will first explain the key considerations for data security in an OLTP database, and then provide a comprehensive solution using the open source Apache project ShardingSphere. The key takeaways will include:
– Key considerations for data security in an OLTP database
– Implementation of ShardingSphere to protect your data
– Data masking, data encryption and privilege control solutions for safeguarding your data

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Categories: DataOps Day
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