Implementing Observability in K8s | DataOps Day

August 30, 2023

No production system is complete without a way to monitor it. In software we define observability as the ability to understand how our system is performing. This talk dives into capabilities and tools that are recommended for implementing observability when running K8s in production as the main platform today for deploying and maintaining containers with cloud-native solutions. We start by introducing the concept of observability in the context of distributed systems such as K8s and the difference with monitoring. We continue by reviewing the observability stack in K8s and the main functionalities. For example, we could review the K8s control plane for managing the cluster state. Finally, we will review the tools K8s provides for monitoring and logging, and get metrics from applications and infrastructure.
Between the points to be discussed we will highlight:
-Introducing the concept of observability
-Observability stack in K8s
-Tools and apps for implementing Kubernetes observability
-Integrating Prometheus with OpenMetrics

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Categories: DataOps Day
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