Green Tech: Practical Strategies for Sustainable Data Management | DataOps Day

August 30, 2023

Join Bonnie Schneider, sustainability contributor at Techstrong Group, as she hosts a panel of industry leaders at the forefront of sustainable data management. Gain valuable insights into how organizations can maximize their eco-conscious impact through strategic information governance strategies. This panel discussion will bring together Greg Rivera, VP of product for CAST Highlight, Johanna Kloot, CEO of GreenKPI, Justin Bean, a sustainability strategist and bestselling author and Simone Wren, director of business operations and environmental, social and governance practice at New Relic.

During this session, you will:

-Uncover strategies for integrating sustainability into data management.
-Explore the role of systems thinking in green data management.
-Learn how environmentally-friendly practices contribute to triple-bottom-line results.
-Understand the impact of AI and machine learning on green data management.
-Navigate the complexities of aligning business operations with sustainability goals

Join us for this inspiring panel discussion and leave with actionable insights to unlock the full potential of sustainable data management in your organization.

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Categories: DataOps Day
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