Edge-Oriented Data Patterns | DataOps Day

August 30, 2023

Edge applications are emerging as a way to build and deploy distributed solutions that span data center core, cloud and edge boundaries. However, there are various barriers to this pursuit. In this presentation, we will introduce a comprehensive edge-oriented data pattern model that consists of architectural and design patterns for edge-hybrid and edge-native data systems. We will further delve into the role of cloud-native capabilities in supporting edge data solutions and the trade-offs involved. We will also showcase some examples of edge applications with enabling technologies and tools. Best practices and lessons learned will be discussed as well.

Why Attend?
-Learn about the best practices via the pattern approach
-Get hands-on experience with edge-native technologies
-Understand the latest trends in edge computing and data patterns
-Get inspired to contribute to open source and the larger community

Key takeways:
-The different types of edge computing architectures
-The benefits and challenges of edge-hybrid and edge-native data patterns
-The role of cloud-native technologies in edge systems
-Best practices for developing and managing edge applications
-Lessons learned from edge implementations

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