Data Security: Protecting What Matters Most | DataOps Day

August 30, 2023

The accelerated pace of cloud migration has facilitated innovation across all technology domains. This widespread shift to the cloud has also impacted information security as organizations’ data proliferated across multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. “Where is my sensitive data, who accesses it, is it at risk, and are we compliant?” – these are the questions CISOs, and their security teams struggle to address at scale.

Data Security Posture Management or DSPM is a new framework that provides security teams with visibility into data security across all cloud and hybrid environments as well as the ability to monitor and respond to threats in real time.

In this session, Gautam Kanaparthi will discuss why data security needs to be a top focus for organizations and how that focus puts the information back in information security. 

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Categories: DataOps Day
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