The Many Faces of Cloud Native | Cloud Native Now 2023

August 3, 2023

At one time cloud native was almost synonymous with Kubernetes for many people. But that is just not the case today. In this one-on-one fireside chat, Techstrong CEO Alan Shimel will sit down with Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of CNCF, about where cloud native is today and where it is going tomorrow. Some of the topics and questions they will discuss are:

1) Observability: Is it the new king of the cloud-native stack?
Where is it today and how do you see some of the mega CNCF projects powering the observability revolution continuing to shape the market?
2) Cloud native beyond the cloud. With technology like WASM and computing moving to the edge, many CNCF projects now have applicability beyond the traditional cloud/data center. How does Chris see this playing out and what influence will this have on the future of the CNCF?
3) Kubernetes: For many, it put CNCF on the map. What is the future for K8s? Do you see anything either on CNCF or outside of CNCF on the horizon that can challenge Kubernetes as the defacto manager and orchestrator of choice for the cloud-native stack?
4) The future of the CNCF. It continues to be the place that the community gravitates to. CloudNativeCon/Kubecon are drawing great crowds. What is CNCF doing to remain the shepherd of this flock? What can our attendees expect to see on that front?

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