#TeamCloudNative: Different Teams, Same Spirit | Cloud Native Now 2023

August 3, 2023

Lately, there has been a lot of confusion around the different teams supporting the cloud-native journey in the enterprise. Although containers and Kubernetes were first used within DevOps teams, other teams are now involved in achieving enterprise-level adoption.

In this talk, Mostafa Radwan will explore the different teams involved in the enterprise cloud-native journey to reduce complexity, optimize costs and improve the developer experience.

DevOps is not dead, it is evolving:
While DevOps teams have worked with cloud-native technologies for quite some time, it’s becoming challenging to perform all the tasks related to building, maintaining and operating platforms as cloud native is becoming mainstream and going beyond Kubernetes.

The Emergence of Platform Engineering:
As more and more development teams inside the enterprise adopted cloud-native technologies, platform engineering teams emerged. These dedicated teams of engineers are responsible for building clusters, keeping up with the latest trends and communicating internally with developers and other teams such as security, compliance, and FinOps.
SRE to the Rescue:
SRE teams define objectives at the service level. This can increase the ability to report and manage incidents. SRE teams collaborate with many other teams in the enterprise to keep the lights on and mitigate system failures.

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