Platform Engineering Meets Service Mesh: an SRE Love Story | Cloud Native Now 2023

August 3, 2023

Platform Engineering is the new black and we posit that service mesh is the perfect complement and an indispensable sharp tool in every SRE’ tool belt. Albeit been around for a few years, service meshes are now blossoming into a de-facto standard for providing much needed features to cloud-native platforms, such as zero-trust security enforcement, observability, traffic shaping and control over the application networking layer(s). This demo-heavy presentation will walk you thru the rationale behind adopting a service mesh and what it can do in practice to alleviate the pain of running at-scale platforms to deliver cloud-native self-service infrastructure to developers. We will focus on Istio (the most popular service mesh) but the learning extends to any other service mesh implementation; we will provide a workshop-style repository to follow offline.

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