A Standard Approach to Container Security: Don’t Let Your Security Teams off the Hook | Cloud Native Now 2023

August 3, 2023

When it comes to effectively securing container infrastructure, everyone from DevOps teams to traditional security teams has a part to play to ensure compliant container images are deployed into production. In this session, we will walk through best practices for preventive container security and the common implementation challenges that we see. We’ll showcase new agentless technology from Tenable that enables security teams to define policies and gain visibility across the delivery pipeline with a preventive focus at the registry level. You’ll also see how it simplifies the lives of developers by being able to just run and remediate as part of local dev processes and pipelines.

Join this session to learn:
– Prevention strategies for secure container infrastructure
– How to validate and secure container images before deployment
– Insight into tools and tips to decrease friction, increase productivity and finally achieve DevSecOps.

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