Third-Party Vulnerabilities, Breaches and the Future of AI in Cybersecurity – CISO Talk Ep 39

August 31, 2023

Third-party software and services, including SaaS applications, are integral to our everyday operations. But this widespread dependency on third parties also introduces risk and vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks and breaches continue to surge — the MOVEit breach being a relatively recent vulnerable service of note.
In this episode of CISO Talk, hosts Mitch Ashley and JJ Minella are joined by Eve Maler (ForgeRock) and Steve Benton (Anomali). We’ll delve into the root causes behind this surge of vulnerabilities and discuss the potential security lapses that allow cybercriminals an edge. Beyond understanding these vulnerabilities, our conversation will explore actionable steps organizations can take to manage and mitigate these security risks, ensuring a robust defense mechanism against unforeseen cyberthreats.
And, of course, with artificial intelligence’s rapid evolution and adoption, its role in the future of cyberattacks cannot be underestimated. We’ll also discuss how AI is weaponized and used in cyberattacks, the implications and the preemptive measures we can adopt in the face of AI-enhanced cybersecurity threats.

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Categories: CISO Talk
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