The Forecast – CISO Talk Ep 29

August 15, 2022

CISO Master Class Pt. 5 – The Forecast: Great Execution Requires Clear and Consistent Communication. Clear and effective communication is crucial for business success – especially when it comes to security and risk. To effectively explain risk and help the organization make smarter security decisions, CISOs must be able to speak the same language as business executives and cybersecurity professionals to bridge the communication gap between the C-suite and IT.

CISOs need to regularly communicate with their fellow C-suite executives, of course, but must also translate a proper understanding of IT systems, security strategies, potential risks and the necessary investment needed for cybersecurity maturity. Without this, the entire organization is at risk if inaccurate information gets passed around.

Host Mitch Ashley is joined by Jennifer Leggio (Netography) and Mike Rothman (Techstrong Research) to discuss the best ways CISOs can keep key stakeholders properly informed about threats, risk and security programs and why proactive communication is an essential part of high-performing teams and the foundation of a solid security strategy.

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