The Changing Role of CISO’s – CISO Talk EP 23

February 16, 2022


The Changing Role of CISO’s” – While CISOs have always been responsible for developing security strategies in order to protect organizations from cyberattacks, their role has been evolving over the past years. CISOs are now expected to be business executives, focusing not only on risk management but also on business strategies. As cyberthreats develop, organizations are leaning on their CISOs to help align their defenses. But too often, this critical role is undersupported, and CISOs are forced to decide between enterprise expectations and their informed priorities. Join host Mitch Ashley, Anthony Johnson (DelveRisk) and Mike Rothman (Securosis) as we discuss the changing role of CISOs, how they balance business and security needs and how CISOs are bridging the communication gap between the executive team and IT teams.

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Categories: CISO Talk
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