New Corporate Culture Post-COVID-19 – CISO Talk EP 17

July 20, 2021


During these uncertain times, one thing is certain: COVID-19 has permanently changed the workplace and the corporate culture and has forced a new work model. While many organizations are shifting to permanent remote work, some are considering going back to the office and most are implementing a hybrid environment to offer more flexibility and get the best of both worlds. As we adapt to the new normal, we need to think about how we can support our community during this transition period and how to build and nurture the company culture that puts people first. What measures should we take to ensure employees are safe and comfortable once (and if) we go back to the office? How can we promote a healthy work-life balance, reduce workloads and prevent burnout? How do we decide what model works best for our business and employees? Hosts Alan Shimel and Mat Newfield are joined by Mitch Ashley of Accelerated Strategies Group, Karen Moore of Unisys and Larry Whiteside of CyberClan to discuss how they are embracing and strengthening their company culture, what to consider before moving to a new work model, what are the new practices companies should adopt to bring teams closer together and enhance collaboration and how to keep employees both happy and productive post-COVID-19.

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Categories: CISO Talk
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