Lightning Can Strike Twice – CISO Talk EP 25

April 5, 2022


CISO Master Class Part 2: Lightning Can Strike Twice – “Stop playing whack-a-mole, Adopt a common framework”
There is a growing importance to take the complicated nature of cybersecurity and make it simple. How you communicate the state of cybersecurity across the organization, to leadership, and even to the board of directors is critical. These stakeholders are keen to understand the risk exposure of the organization, so together you can determine the priorities and investments that should be made.
In this discussion, Mitch Ashley and Mat Newfield are joined by Beth-Anne Bygum (Acxiom) and Mike Rothman (DisruptOps) to discuss the importance of adopting frameworks and having a foundation that establishes a common understanding for managing risk across the organization in an efficient and effective manner.

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