CISOs and Remote Software Development – CISO Talk EP 36

June 6, 2023

Today’s highly distributed workforce is introducing new challenges for CISOs who must carefully navigate the journey from traditional perimeter-based network security to, well, the exact opposite. Securing remote work and managing BYOD on top of the usual challenges of protecting the software development life cycle (SDLC) means CISOs need to strike a balance between strong security policies and developers’ preferences, work location(s) and work style(s). It’s enough to make anyone crazy! Gal Shpantzer, IANS faculty member, CISO advisor and security consultant joins CISO Talk hosts Jennifer (JJ) Minella and Mitch Ashley to discuss these issues and more, as well as how to avoid the “C-S-No” approach, overcome resistance to necessary security and how to implement alternative strategies.

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Guest(s): Gal Shpantzer
Categories: CISO Talk
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