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Why Best Practices Aren’t Always the Best – CISO Talk EP 15

Why Best Practices Aren’t Always the Best – CISO Talk EP 15


DevOps best practices are essentially a set of guidelines designed to improve the software development process in order to deliver higher quality software faster, while minimizing costs and risks. However, developers can’t rely on best practices alone. Instead, we need to view best practices as the baseline.

What works for a particular team or project might not work for another. Developers need to adjust best practices to the specific needs of their business, identify the bottlenecks, build a strong DevOps culture and choose the right tools to create a successful DevOps pipeline.

Larry Whiteside Jr. of ICMPC, Nicole Dove of Warner Media and Mitchell Ashley of Accelerated Strategies Group join our hosts, Mat Newfield and Alan Shimel, for a new CISO Talk episode to discuss why best practices are just the starting point, and why continuous improvement of people, processes and tools is so essential for success

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Date: June 1, 2021
Categories: CISO Talk


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