Andy Ellis: Navigating Boardroom Realities and Liability – CISO Talk EP 40 (Part 1/2)

October 10, 2023

In episode one of a two-part series, CISO Talk hosts Mitch and Jennifer “JJ” Minella introduce Andy Ellis, a renowned figure in the security industry with a long tenure at Akamai and currently an operating partner at Weil Ventures. Andy shares insights into the role of a CISO, particularly focusing on whether they belong in the boardroom and the challenges associated with their role(s). They discuss the SEC’s new four-day breach disclosure requirement and delve into the intricacies and nuances of materiality in cybersecurity. They emphasize the importance of building relationships and effective communication to ensure that security concerns are adequately addressed at the executive level. The conversation also touches on liability and insurance considerations for CISOs, highlighting the need for personal insurance coverage due to potential gaps in company-provided policies.

For more information and to follow Andy Ellis’ insights, you can visit his LinkedIn or Twitter profiles (@CSOAndy) and subscribe to his newsletter at . Andy’s book “1% Leadership: Master the Small, Daily Improvements that Set Great Leaders Apart” can be found at various book retailers, and he also has an audiobook version, narrated by himself, which offers an enriching experience for the readers.

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Guest(s): Andy Ellis
Categories: CISO Talk
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