Interoperability Challenges and Solutions – The CD Pipeline EP 4

January 30, 2023

There are a lot of continuous delivery tools and technologies that facilitate delivering software with security and speed. However, the increased number of tools and the resulting fragmentation within the CD ecosystem presents a new problem: How to choose tools to create sustainable and scalable CD systems and establish complex end-to-end pipelines. And there’s also the issue of the lack of interoperability within the CD ecosystem.
The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) community has made tremendous progress on the issue of interoperability over the last few years, led by the CDF Special Interest Group Interoperability. The focus of the work has been on open interfaces and metadata, which are key aspects to interoperability, enabling multiple disparate systems to work with each other in a seamless manner. These efforts resulted in the creation of the CDEvents project which aims to create a common specification for CD through the use of events.
In this episode, hosts Alan Shimel (Techstrong) and Lori Lorusso (JFrog) are joined by Melissa McKay (JFrog), Fatih Degirmenci (CD Foundation), Emil Backmark (Ericsson) and Dadisi Sanyika (Apple) as they talk about the challenges CD faces, the CDF’s work on overcoming them and track the progress the CDF Special Interest Group Interoperability has made toward more open interfaces and better leveraging metadata.

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