Passwordless Authentication with Graeme Speak of BankVault Cybersecurity | AWS re:Invent 2023

December 4, 2023

Join us for a glimpse at the cutting-edge of cyber innovation. Shira interviews Graeme Speak, who led the innovation team behind an intelligent new approach to passwordless authentication. BankVault MasterKey ensures frictionless access to website login portals. More than just a security feature, it is a SaaS business accelerator that increases user engagement and trust, and reverses customer login abandonment. This intriguing technology is invisible to users (no software or setup), creates MFA in 1-step, and deploys in minutes without backend changes. Could this become the trusted default for web security? This interview delves into the technology, implications and impact.

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Guest(s): Graeme Speak
Categories: AWS re:Invent 2023
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