Keynote Opening, GenAI State of the Union 2024 with Mark Hinkle at AIE 2024

July 3, 2024

As business leaders stand at the cusp of the generative AI revolution, it’s crucial to understand the transformative potential this technology holds. This keynote address will dissect the intricacies of generative AI, illustrating its capacity to not only streamline operations but to also engender new forms of creativity and efficiency within the business ecosystem. Historically, technological advancements have been the precursors to periods of significant prosperity, spurring job creation and opening new markets. Similarly, generative AI is poised to become the harbinger of an unprecedented wave of economic and social growth. We will explore this phenomenon, drawing parallels with past technological shifts, and providing a forward-looking analysis of the prosperity that generative AI is likely to bring.

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Categories: AIE 2024
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