Countdown to AGI: Navigating the Exponential Growth of Computing Power with Joseph Enochs at AIE 2024

July 1, 2024

Joseph Enochs, Managing Director for Emerging Technologies at EVT, talks about the accelerating pace of change in computing power and its profound implications for the future of artificial intelligence. This talk, echoing the themes of the “Countdown to AGI” newsletter, will delve into the exponential growth in
computing capabilities and explore the technological milestones we are rapidly approaching. Joseph will discuss how this remarkable growth is not just confined to GPUs but encompasses a wide array of technologies that are collectively pushing the boundaries of what machines can achieve. The talk will cover key developments that are propelling us towards achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the anticipated Singularity—a point at which AI could potentially surpass human intelligence and become self-improving, leading to unpredictable changes in society and technology.


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Categories: AIE 2024
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