AI Hackathon 2023 | AI in Action 2023

January 11, 2024

In a recent three-day hackathon, a diverse group of IT veterans with extensive DevOps experience gathered to explore the transformative potential of generative AI in operations under the direction of Techstrong Group. Led by notable figures in the technology space, the event focused on operationalizing AI and addressing real business challenges. Participants shared insights, discussed methodologies and worked on projects to harness the power of generative AI. The overarching goal was not just to define processes but to build software, creating a framework for the growth of general AI in enterprises. Emphasis was placed on making AI advances accessible to professionals of all skill levels and ensuring the security of AI models. The participants expressed excitement about the possibilities of generative AI while acknowledging the need for standardized methodologies, security considerations and a community-driven approach to learning and implementation.  

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Categories: AI in Action 2023
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