Security and Compliance in Low Code/No Code App Development

December 22, 2020


While low code/ no code allows non-technical users to deliver apps faster, it also introduces a lot of gaps when it comes to security and regulatory compliance. Some gaps are introduced by the lack of awareness and some are oversights introduced by lack of skills. The cost of these security issues could be pretty high and might be disruptive for businesses on the customer side of things. What good is a product or a feature if it’s not available, reliable and secure?

This session talks about what are some of the common security concerns that organizations need to be aware of while working with no-code/ low-code platform, and how these risks can be mitigated both on the side of the end user and the creators of these platforms. It will also talk about how organizations using low-code or no-code platforms can share the policy to execution responsibility with their vendors and service providers to avoid the common security pitfalls.

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Guest(s): Purnima Bihari
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