Max Rudman – Change Management is Key to a Low-Code Reality

December 22, 2020


With companies scrambling over this year to digitally transform, there has been an uptick in adopting low-code applications. And while it’s never been easier-or faster-to deploy business applications, there are many unforeseen problems. Implementing a low-code system can take six or more months and is prone to project stalemates since stakeholders have higher expectations for customization. Future changes can have a ripple of effects due to the complex configurations organizations create. As low-code apps increasingly become a shared responsibility between IT and business units, it’s incumbent upon IT to ensure changes are delivered consistently, reliably, and without disrupting end users—no matter who makes the change.

Join Prodly’s CEO Max Rudman as he discusses how implementing an agile change management process to your low-code applications can:

– Give CIOs and IT managers visibility into the ongoing changes to their systems
– Accelerate time to value for low-code apps
– Decrease application implementation time
– Provide IT governance to mitigate risk

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Guest(s): Max Rudman
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