Low Code: Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

December 22, 2020


Low-code and no-code are not new concepts. They’ve been around for 25+ years. However, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of low-code/no-code technologies as organizations and individuals across industries are facing an urgent need for new online applications and services. The explosive growth in the use of these tools is also enabling citizen developers to build solutions to problems they encounter as they grow accustomed to an entirely virtual working environment.

What are the impacts of the low-code/no-code movement and what trends will carry forward? How do professional developers view these tools, and how do they play with citizen developers? How closely is low-code/no-code tied to the concepts of automation (BPA/RPA)?

Join experts from ServiceNow, Appian, OutSystems and Pega to hear their answers to these questions and more.

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