Low Code in Industrial Plants and Machines

December 22, 2020


Controlling machines with low code IT solutions is more of a revolution than you might think. When people first tried to apply general purpose computers on industrial processes in the 1960s, computers were very unreliable. So they developed something on their own. The PLC (programming logic controller) was born. Controlling machines is PLC ground. Worldwide. The world of PLCs was strictly separated from the IT world for 60 years. Then all of a sudden the internet of things emerged. Industrial IoT. THe IT world and the OT (operational technology) world are melting together. Engineers in mechanical and plant construction as well as switch cabinet constructors just skip 20 years of IT software development evolution and jump directly into low code. It’s like gaining superpowers in an instant. But what mechanical and electrical engineers stumble into is also the world of IT networks, security updates and software version conflicts. A world well known for IT folks. Uncharted soil full of critical risks for OT experts. In this session we will replace a PLC with a low code IT solution. We will compare and discuss advantages and risks. Let’s chart the soil of Industrial IoT together.

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