Jeff DeVerter – Low Code’s a No-Brainer

December 22, 2020


According to proprietary research conducted by Rackspace Technology, 44% of IT decision makers are extremely satisfied with low code/no code developments to date — and for good reason. Low code/no code is a business catalyst enabling technologies to automate processes and create a line of business solutions like never before. In the ‘90s, building your own tools was the norm. And after a surge of ready-made tools in the ‘2000s, low code/no code is once again ushering in an era of customization, leading to true differentiation.

In this session, Rackspace CTO Jeff DeVerter will explain the newfound prominence of low code and outline how enterprises can best utilize the technology to accelerate the delivery of software and applications. He’ll address questions such as:

– What is the single technology that’s enabling the explosion in the low-code ecosystem?
– Why low-code doesn’t mean lone-coder.
– Why have capabilities increased for the “citizen developer”?
– How does Robotic Process Automation fit into the equation?

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Guest(s): Jeff DeVerter
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