How Citizen Developer Enabled by No-code Quickly and Securely Deployed Return to Workplace Apps

December 22, 2020


Learn how Lagan Homes, an Irish-based construction company, accelerated digitalization dramatically with no-code process automation. With the ever-changing demands of today’s new normal, where businesses are seeking to adapt to changes, meet their customer needs and ensure employee health and safety, shortage of technical resources and long leading times of deploying new systems are often a key barrier for digital transformation. As a result, organizations look for solutions that can bring them agility and ability to respond rapidly in this digital-first era. Faced with these challenges, Jim Fennell, Information Systems Manager at Lagan will tell us how he utilized capabilities of no-code platform to build fully responsive, easy-to-deploy enterprise apps such as PPE request, staff health assessment and daily temperature check apps to ensure safe return to workplace for their staff – all without the need for any coding.

In this session, first you will hear from Kianda’s COO Derya Sousa an introduction to how no-code solutions are empowering knowledge workers with or without coding skills to create enterprise technology like a pro. You will also hear from Kianda’s CEO Osvaldo Sousa – a no-code process automation expert – about critical success factors of implementing no-code enterprise apps. Join us to hear about this real life use case of how no-code solutions are enabling citizen development and accelerating digital innovation.

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