Fireside Chat with Appian CEO Matt Calkins and StarCIO’s Isaac Sacolick on HyperAutomation

December 22, 2020


The pandemic set the spark for the enterprise software revolution. When companies are suddenly disconnected from each other, from their tried and true business processes, you have to re-establish those lost connections immediately. Which is why companies are turning to low-code platform automation, because it is vital to their survival.

Appian is a leader in low-code development, however low-code still is not fully understood. In order to bridge that education gap, Appian published a book written in plain language that covers a range of opinions from industry experts, to help educate the market.

In this fireside chat, Appian CEO Matt Calkins will speak with StarCIO’s Isaac Sacolick on the values and barriers of low-code. This all in the midst of rapid change. Additionally, they will talk through how the COVID pandemic has accelerated the need for automation. Lastly, they will provide deeper insights to Appian’s book on low-code, discussing the various opinions within the market from authors, academics, customers and more.

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