Chris Bedi – CIO Perspectives on Driving the Future of Work with Low Code and Citizen Developers

December 22, 2020


92% of executives believe that COVID 19 has forced their company to rethink how work gets done. That’s why CIOs across the globe are taking a heightened interest in low code platforms, realizing they will enable rapid delivery of applications across the organization. The global pandemic has forced digital transformation to happen now. We have a new future of work we need to be ready for, and that requires more automation than ever before. The volume of apps required is beyond the capacity of professional developers, driving the need for collaboration with citizen developers.

In this session, Chris Bedi will share a CIO perspective on rolling out low code applications at scale, best practices from rolling out ServiceNow’s citizen developer program and suggested guardrails to ensure a successful and secure implementation.

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Guest(s): Chris Bedi
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