Sanjeev Sharma – Platform is Cake: A Layered Approach to Building an Enterprise-Scale Application Delivery Platform

December 22, 2020


Everyone needs an application delivery platform that provides the right developer experience for your application delivery teams. Whether you acquire an integrated platform or build one by integrating a set of tools, you need to craft the platform in a way to allow it to be scalable for the enterprise, and provide curated experiences for the myriad developer types, across the various technology stacks you have. This requires an underlying architecture that addresses all the four ‘layers’ of the platform ‘cake’. Namely – Environments, Software delivery lifecycle tools, Data, and Security and Compliance. Each layer is essential. Each layer is complex. Each layer is builds on the ‘flavor profiles’ of the other layers. Let’s learn how to bake this cake.

Sanjeev Sharma, author of the bestseller ‘The DevOps Adoption Playbook’ will share his lessons learned from his experience in the Financial Services sector that includes working in senior leadership designing, deploying and running successful Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, and DataOps driven transformations at several of the largest, most strategic banks and financial services organizations globally.

Sanjeev is currently the Head of Platform Engineering at Truist. Sanjeev is a former Distinguished Engineer at IBM, the former field CTO at Delphix, and a former principal analyst at Accelerated Strategies.

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Guest(s): Sanjeev Sharma
Categories: 2020 FinConDX
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