Ravi Lachhman – Moving Fast When You Can’t Break Things

December 22, 2020


In decades gone by the financial sector was seen as one of the pinnacles of software innovation. With the rise of technology giants e.g FAANG [Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google], the ability to be agile and move quickly has shifted public perception of innovation to high tech sector companies. With mottos such as “move fast and break things”, in the financial sector breaking things can have a grave impact on the financial markets and confidence.

To stay competitive and address customer needs and attract and retain modern development talent, financial services firms have been adopting Continuous Delivery. Not only for technology and business to consumer firms, Continuous Delivery is a spectrum that many financial service firms are on the journey to adopt. Learn in this talk about ways that financial service organizations can embrace the motto “move fast and don’t break things” with Continuous Delivery.

Three Take-a-ways:

1. Balance of innovation vs control is always being fine-tuned.

2. Any improvement is an improvement and you don’t have to be deploying every 12 seconds like Amazon.

3. We judge confidence in people, process, and technology. Start incremental where it is easier than address the other points.

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Guest(s): Ravi Lachhman
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